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 Application Review Service

Would you like more help with your application but don't need quite need full legal representation? It's OK, Salvo Migration also offers a discounted a File Review Service for Veazy users for that final check before submitting your application.

How does it work?

The service/review is conducted digitally, in that we would require you to provide us with your IMMI account username/password so that we can review the application/sponsorship forms you have drafted.

In addition, we would ask for copies of all the supporting documents you have collected and intend to attach to your application (using the Document Checklist built into Veazy) to be scanned/emailed to us, or, saved into a shared Dropbox/Google drive (preferable). 

What do we get as part of your File Review Service?

​As part of the File Review Service, we will review the following:

✅The drafted electronic DHA forms associated to your visa application
✅All documentation that you intend to provide to the DHA in support of your visa application
✅We will provide feedback on any areas of concern that we identify
✅We will provide advice and suggestions on any information that requires amendment or changes that need to be made
✅We will provide advice and suggestions on any documentation that requires amendment or changes that need to be made
✅We will provide an overall written feedback, including our opinion with regards to your chances of success for this application
✅1 x 30 Minute Phone Call with our team to discuss your review findings/feedback

Please note, this review would take approximately 10 Business Days to complete from when all information and documents are provided

What it DOESN'T include...
⛔Checking for accuracy of specific dates/facts claimed (i.e. we cannot verify if you have, or haven't, lived in a specific country at a specific point in time)
⛔Assisting with obtaining information/documentation from third parties
⛔Collating documents for attachment (i.e. merging documents)
⛔Renaming documents for attachment
⛔We cannot provide advice on law matters outside of expertise including family, corporations and industrial relation law
⛔Does not extend to Salvo Migration representing you with the DHA. You are responsible for implementing the changes or suggestions we provide you and dealing with any additional DHA requests once the visa has been submitted and processing has begun by the DHA. 
⛔Those who would prefer Salvo Migration represent them with the DHA may wish elect to take us up on our Upgrade Credit offer explained here

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